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Moving to New Zealand

Moving to New Zealand

When moving used household goods to New Zealand, an individual would qualify for concessionary entry where duties and taxes are waived, subject to a set of conditions as outlined below.

-  The household goods must be imported for domestic use only and not for sale or exchange.

-  The goods should have been in the owner’s possession for at least 12 months before the actual date of shipper’s departure to New Zealand.

-  The owner must have resided outside the country for a whole of the 21 months before arrival into New Zealand and hold a  document confirming immigration status, which authorizes residence in New Zealand.  Examples include a New Zealand passport, Australian passport, valid New Zealand residence visa or a valid returning residents’ visa or permit, valid work visa or work permit, or a valid visitor’s visa or permit that has been issued for a minimum period of three years.

In addition to completing the unaccompanied personal baggage declaration, the importer needs to complete a supplementary declaration form. Unlike the unaccompanied personal baggage declaration, this supplementary declaration form is not mandatory but the information provided will assist in deciding on the biosecurity of the items.  Paramount Transportation Systems will provide all of the required forms that the importer should complete, as soon as the move is booked and confirmed. We are available to provide additional information on this subject or other customs regulations procedures! 



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