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Risks Associated with Moving Household Goods Internationally and Available Insurance Options

Risks Associated with Moving Household Goods Internationally and Available Insurance Options

There are numerous risks associated with the international movement of household goods from  preparation at the origin residence, loading into a shipping container, transportation to the port of exit, ocean or airfreight, unloading at the port of entry, and handling at destination until it is delivered to the final residence. These risks are usually classified into six categories: shock, security, vibration, weather, dirt, and dismantling. We try to minimize risks by ensuring that all items are properly packed and padded and any fragile items like glass tops, expensive art pieces, and mirrors are secured in padded custom made wooden crates to ensure maximum protection while in transit. Some musical instruments require special crating due to their delicate nature. Pianos require specific servicing so we work with third party companies both at origin and destination if they are part of a relocation.  
Our crews are highly skilled at packing and wrapping and will do all possible to ensure your goods are  secured to withstand these risks. Like any other situation, some of these risks are outside of our control so we recommend taking some form of insurance coverage to protect you in case of any eventuality. We offer all-risk coverage which protects you against damage, loss of individual items and the entire shipment, and total loss coverage, which would apply if a shipment is lost in disaster situations.  Once the move is booked and confirmed and you have selected your preferred insurance option, we shall do all the legwork on your behalf to ensure that coverage is in effect prior to our crew’s arrival at your residence on packing day. Any damage occurring from this point on will be covered under the insurance policy, based on the option selected.   





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