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Moving to France

Moving to France

Removal of goods from a principal residence outside of the European Union (EU) can be completed tax and duty free so long as the importer has had his/her primary residence for more than twelve months prior to the move. Goods must be moved within twelve months from the date on the change of residency certificate. Used personal effects and automobiles must be in the possession of the shipper for more than six months prior to the move date to be exempt from payment of duties and taxes. The goods must stay in the owner’s possession for at least six months after the import date.

For French nationals, a copy of the shipper’s passport and change of residency certificate highlighting the departure and arrival date from the origin country. The French Consulate in the origin country will issue the change of residency certificate. Non-French nationals require a certificate of employment from their employer containing the dates of employment in the origin country as well as the date of the employment transfer.  

A detailed shipment inventory in French showing line item values in Euros, the declaration of duty exemption entry of personal effects, and proof of residency in France (e.g. phone or electricity bills) are also required. Paramount Transportation Systems will provide comprehensive information based on an individual’s personal circumstances once the move is booked and confirmed. For more information, kindly contact our office on +1 (905) 795-3821.  




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