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News from Around the World

News from Around the World

Effective March 18, Argentina will require foreign nationals to obtain 10-year Police Clearance Certificates for temporary and permanent residence visa applications. Previously, residence visa applicants had to provide police clearance from all countries in which they resided for at least one year during the last 3 year period. The new requirement may lengthen processing times as the required police clearance certificates will cover a longer period of time.

The Japanese government has declared a 10-day holiday from April 27 to May 6 to celebrate the emperor’s succession. Visa applicants should plan well in advance to ensure that their applications are processed before the holiday break. Shipment delays are also expected during this time.

Planned demonstrations related to climate change are expected to take place in a variety of locations around Switzerland on Friday, March 15. Sites include Geneva, Lausanne, Fribourg, Neuchatel, Sion, and Jura.  Shipment delays due to traffic disruptions during these demonstrations are likely.

A new Critical Skills List of occupations that foreign nationals are eligible to fill is scheduled to be released in April. It is expected to be more restrictive than the current list and employers should plan for elimination of some roles that are available to foreign nationals, especially broader business categories such as corporate general manager and business analyst. On the other hand, job roles in the oil, gas and marine sectors are expected to be added to the list.  

Presidential elections will be held on April 18. Political protests are common prior to major elections so more disturbances are expected in the weeks leading up to the elections. Shipment delays resulting in additional charges are likely.



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