Toronto to Mumbai, India - International/Overseas/Global/Worldwide Moving Services

Toronto to Mumbai, India

Toronto to Mumbai, India

The Indian Government has reached a decision to implement GST on global moving services fees with effect from July 2017. The process has been simplified as it will eliminate the multiple tax laws and all goods/services will be governed under this one GST law. The rate of applicable GST will be at 18% for household goods and this will be in lieu of the current Service Tax which was 15%. For all International import services - GST will be applicable on destination and accessorial services including Long Term Storage. Our partners in India are completely geared to handle this implementation and all systems are updated for a smooth roll out.

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Our expert team consists of dedicated international moving professionals!  We offer international moving services that are exclusively focused on the very unique needs of families and individuals who are relocating overseas and who are in need of international moving services. The combination of our highly personalized approach to customizing each relocation coupled with our professional international move management systems gives us the ability to respond with speed and flexibility.  Paramount is committed to providing World Class Service to each and every one of our customers.

Paramount’s headquarters are located just outside of Canada’s largest city, Toronto.   Close to the sea terminal, Canada Customs and Toronto’s Pearson International Airport.

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