International Moving, what you need to know to get started.

Your move is unique!  It will encompass a series of important steps which when well choreographed, will result in a smooth and trouble-free transition.  What you need to ship overseas and how long it will take to transport your belongings are important considerations when putting together a plan.  Considerations when putting together a plan.  As a distinguished worldwide moving company, we’re here to help.

What do you need to ship?

Establishing the size of your shipment is the starting point for all pricing and shipping options.  You can either send us a list of the items you wish to ship or in many cases, we can conduct a pre-move survey in your home to determine your needs.

Protecting your belongings

Protecting household goods while in transit is what we do best.   Our Best Packing Practices outlines how.  Would you like our international packing crew to provide full service, or do you plan to do some of the packing yourself?   Either way, it is important to understand the customs and insurance implications of doing your own packing and we will outline everything so you can decide what is best for you.

How long will the shipment take?

Tailoring a shipping schedule that makes sense for you is an important part of our service.  Options include shipping by air, sea or road.  Our sea consolidation program is a cost-effective solution to some parts of the world.  Check out the Transit Time Information section for more details.

What happens at destination?

Services in your new country include collection of the shipment at the port/airport, customs clearance, delivery to your new home, unpacking, removal of the packing materials used, and a final phone call from us to ensure everything is perfect.

How does storage work?

This is an integral part of many international moves and can be short or long-term, at origin or destination, and always in immaculate, climate-controlled and secure facilities.

Getting organized?

Our Helpful Tools section will help you prepare for your move day with confidence and answer many other questions about what you can ship.

This Indonesian bench sits on a cardboard base to protect the ornate legs and will then be wrapped in our overseas pads.

Our breathable, multi-layered materials pad and protect furniture from the constant movement which is present throughout transit.

Correct sized cartons are used to ensure items are packed tight  to prevent movement during transit.  We use modular cartons which, regardless of the size, stack neatly without wasting space.  Proper loading assures safety for the cargo and minimizes the size of the shipment  to save you money.

Of course, not everything fits into a box!  Furniture and odd-shaped items like sports equipment are specially wrapped so that every surface is padded and protected.


Dishes are individually wrapped and then loaded upright in bundles.

Our materials are engineered to withstand the constant friction that can occur when items are travelling.

Notice how all of the seams are sealed on this wrapped item.  This ensures everything remains clean and ready for transit.

High value or fragile items need further protection in the form of a wooden crate.  We'll take careful measurements, accounting for the padding we'll first apply, and build a custom wooden box specific to the dimensions of the piece.  If an item needs to be dismantled, we can take care of that for you unless you would prefer to do it yourself.  We are always mindful of what happens at destination so we will take pictures or make diagrams to assist our overseas partner in the re-assembly.


A coffee table, like all furniture items, is protected on all sides.
All seams are fully sealed to ensure cleanliness and optimal protection.

Labeling and inventory control is critical for customs clearance, insurance purposes and your peace of mind.  Before we leave your home, a numbered and descriptive packing list is carefully created to account for all the pieces in the shipment.

Loading your shipment

Movement is the enemy where international transit is concerned.  So, loading your shipment isn't merely about transferring items into a container or shipping crate.  It's all about securing each article in the safest possible manner.  In fact, loading a shipment is no different than how we pack a carton of dishes:  Flat pieces are loaded together on their sides.  Heavier items are placed at the bottom and lighter articles on top.  All gaps are filled, particularly in between irregularly shaped items.

Container loading 1

The goal is to minimize any wasted space to reduce movement while the shipment is in transit.

Your treasures, schedule, budget and concerns are unique. Our strength is knowing how to coordinate your needs, anticipate changes, keep you informed and reduce the natural stress around moving. Tailoring a shipping schedule that makes sense for you is an important part of our service.

As an example, if your goods will be shipped in a sea container, most steamship lines offer a weekly departure from Canada. Though we'll need to add some time to get your belongings packed and delivered to the shipping terminal and then cleared through customs and delivered at destination, here are some typical transit times from Toronto, Canada:

graphic showing transit times from Canada to the World on a map

Air shipments are much faster and typically take 8 – 12 days.

Customs clearance formalities will take place after the shipment has arrived.  The timing is different in each country and we will be sure to clarify this information based on current timelines as well as your immigration status at destination.

If you are shipping your belongings to the UK or Europe, you may be interested in Paramount's consolidation program.  The transit times may be longer than those noted above but this can be a cost-effective method of transporting your goods.   We look forward to telling you more!

Why is Transit Protection needed?

Despite our very best efforts to protect your belongings in every possible way, there are inherent risks when shipping overseas.  We are at the ready to help you select the right transit protection coverage to further safeguard your belongings against an unforeseeable event.

How is Coverage Arranged?

Assigning a value to the belongings you intend to ship or store is your first step.  We have an easy to use form if you would like to use it and all of the details are outlined in our free Planning Guide.  We have several options and will spend time detailing these so you can select what is best for you.

  • Consider the replacement cost at destination for best protection.  Vehicles are different and should reflect the "blue book" or market value.
  • Under-insuring items can result in a reduced or pro-rated reimbursement by the insurance company in the event of a claim.
  • High valued items (anything in excess of $5,000) may need a statement of value such as an appraisal or purchase invoice.


An integral part of our international moving services includes providing up-to-date customs information so you know what to ship and the process involved.  Typically, your shipment will undergo an export protocol for the country you are leaving and we will take care of those details for you.  In all cases, customs clearance is required when your shipment arrives at destination.

The customs documentation requirements are ever-changing and accuracy is critical to ensuring the smooth transition of your belongings from one country to another.

This is an important part of your move which can not be left to chance and your Paramount move consultant is the best expert to guide you.

Paramount complies fully with the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Document Act (PIPEDA), implemented January 1, 2004, in Canada.

We respect our client's right to privacy and take care to ensure all the personal information provided to us is handled and stored in a confidential manner.

We do need to obtain certain information which is consider personal under PIPEDA's rules when preparing moving proposals, monitoring/performing relocations and during repair/settlement of cargo claims.

Paramount will also use personal information to arrange for services directly related to a move which is contracted out to a third party (i.e. overseas partner, an appliance servicer, car hauler, etc.).

All personal information collected is processed and stored in a secure and confidential database and is shared only on a "need to know" basis.

This website collects no personal information.  If you elect to provide that information when requesting information from us, we will assume your implied consent to use that information for the purposes listed within our Privacy Policy.

You have the right to request that your personal information not be used for any of the aforementioned purposes and you may, at any time, inquire what information we currently do have.

Any questions or concerns about our Privacy Policy can be directed to our Privacy Officer at Tel:  +1 905.670.6683     Fax:  +1 905.670.6683 or Email:


Getting organized?

Our Helpful Tools section will help you prepare for your move day with confidence and answer many other questions about what you can ship.

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